Thursday, October 1, 2009

Postcard Home

This is just a nice view from Anglesey, but I thought it looked a bit like one of these postcard scenes from holiday places. Why do we send postcards when we are on vacation? Likely as not, we will arrive home before the postcard does. My theory is that it is to reassure friends at home that we were only away for a short time. We weren't away permanently and we return. The first rule of the postcard however, is that it should feature a different space from the one we have temporarily left. This scene is "natural" in the sense that it isn't part of the built environment. There are no fences or boundaries of any kind. No property is designated and even the makeshift car park that borders this space is "unbuilt". The boundary that the collective makes is that it is a "beauty spot". Now that naming is a bit like a fence - so the natural scene is also constructed.