Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Hot Attention in Ballsbridge

Just across the road from the Sebastian Guinness gallery in Burlington Road, there's a rather forlorn border for plants. To be fair, the office development isn't complete so the plants gets only a little attention. There was only one of these fabulously coloured plants so it got my attention and I went for a limited depth of field. I think it works. Kniphofia caulescens is a member of the genus Kniphofia and is commonly known as Red Hot Poker. African in origin, these plants are named after German botanist Johann Hieronymus Kniphof. Gardeners describe these striking colours as inflorescence and really you can't help but be drawn to look at them. But attention as a concept isn't great. What about that fuzzy field at the rear that the lens didn't pick out? I gave it my attention, so that the viewer wouldn't. That is in the realm of consciousness and consciousness does not begin to exist until it sets limits to an object. So says Merleau-Ponty and thus describes what photographers do all the time!