Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am always talking about the Pembroke Road and running out of ideas. Of course, this never happens. Spiders are everywhere and they are leaving their mark all along the wrought iron work of the local fences. Spider's webs are fragile things, often associated with the Fates and our life threads. But more interesting was the very mortal Arachne who challenged the mistress of weaving, the Goddess Athene. Tired of Athene's teasing of mortals in her work, Arachne wove a portrait depicting the love of Gods for mortal women. The furious Athene struck out at her with a shuttle and in response Arachne tried to hang herself. Athene saved her life by transforming her into a spider hanging on a thread. Shall mortals challenge the Gods? We cannot achieve that level of perfection and it's unwise to try. It's not that we shouldn't strive to achieve great work, but perfection is in another realm. The point of the myth is that those who try to ape the creator are likely to suffer punishment - the failure of ambition. Cognitive psychologists argue that those who feel this need for perfection in all that they do are prey to an irrational belief.