Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bute Harbour Haven

This shot is taken from a hotel window and necessarily at a high ASA - hand held available light, as I'm fond of saying. The Victoria Hotel in Rothesay is an institution on the Isle of Bute and it has excellent views over the harbour and bay. The picture is noisy but I put it through a filter called "edgy" and was quite pleased. These are ships rather than boats and symbolise strength, control and the journey. The ship voyages in safety under human control. Here, the Bute ferry is plying past a cargo ship that is, in all likelihood, waiting on instructions. In a recession, global trade drops and so do voyages. Ships are laid up or even "mothballed" during these times and very often the West of Scotland provides fair haven for the vessels within its many fjords. Maybe some of the crew of the cargo ship are in the "The Vic", with glasses of malt whisky?