Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Change means Loss

The weather changed and suddenly there was sunlight in Ettrick Bay, so I rushed out of the cafe to take advantage of the sky. This scene is quite poignant for me because when I was a child, I used to come here on holiday or for a day out by the sea. There were many holidaymakers here, milling around with swimming togs and beach balls. On this wee playground, there used to be a funfair with a Ferris wheel! I am quite sure the funfair was much smaller than I now imagine it, yet it seems a little sad that this scenic spot is so quiet. Change means loss - so said my group supervisor during my training. I doubt if trams will ever again take holidaymakers from Rothesay, the island's main town, to this beautiful spot. But it is somewhere I always return to with enormous pleasure. Memories are important in psychotherapy, but in order to call them up, I need to recognise my old experiences. Perhaps the colours of this over painted swing did that for me.