Friday, November 27, 2009

Otherworld Sunset

The immortal sun descends nightly to the kingdom of the dead ... his throne is like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire. Not at all original but at least the combination is mine. The latter is from the Aramaic Zohar and the first is from Mircea Elieade Patterns In Comparative Religion. The sun guides souls through the lower regions and brings them back to light. This photograph is from my archives and was taken on one of a number of return trips to the city I called home for nearly a quarter of a century. When you see this kind of shot emerging there is no time to lose - the sun falls fast on its journey at this stage. It was a Central American belief that the sun passes through the kingdom below unharmed. Effectively for the dead, it's only visiting. Shamans endow the eagle with these solar properties. Feeding the Eagle with sacrificial offerings was apparently a way in which to nourish the sun. So perhaps when I ran out to take this photograph I was feeding the eagle, nourishing the sun so that it would return the morrow's morn.