Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eats and leaves

Just by Eddie Rockets in Baggot Street, a large pile of leaves had gathered. I decided I would get down to their level and I did get some dramatic shots with a wide angle lens. This shot however was the one I picked. There are people in the shot - even if the children probably thought I was rather strange sitting on the pavement. I dare say they were headed to Eddie's place for a bite! What do you think? Down at street level it was interesting to see the way the leaves responded to the wind, as if they had some kind of collective energy. Sometimes they formed themselves into animal shapes - dragons with heads and tails, dancing with the air currents. Autumn is the season of dramatic change and even at this late stage the leaves continue to dominate the streets. Change is the stock and trade of the psychotherapy profession so this season, more than any other, is meaningful to me.