Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gastro Pub Menu

The menu in the Colintraive Hotel was so ... baroque, I had to take a picture.. It's interesting if you click on the image and have a look at all the varied information, including the person who caught the fish, checked the spelling, etc. It's a bit like some descriptive CD insert. I think this is all about the Word, which is necessarily about the father and instruction. In all this we can see what's what and when you can have it. Sometimes things are taken away. In Christian terms, the Word existed before the world - in God. Before the World is made, it's vested with wisdom and hidden design. Greek philosophers called it Logos - intellect, ideas and thought itself. But I like the Dogon, who conceived of moist and dry words. Dry words exist at the level of a primeval lack of awareness - undifferentiated but with potential, the unconscious in other words. The moist comprises words given to man and it is creative and fecund - the world comes into being. So this menu is moist - creative, promising and inviting.