Thursday, November 12, 2009

Highland Truck

You can take a short cut to the Highlands by taking the Wemyss Bay Ferry to Rothesay and then the ferry from Rhubodach to Colintraive. This is the latter. It has a kind of a timetable, takes about five minutes and is worth every penny of the fare. On the Colintraive side there's a very nice hotel which does an excellent lunch. This part of Scotland relies very much on its ferries so I will desist to speak of Kharon, the ferryman who conducts souls to the Underworld - because he is generally portayed as a dirty, unkempt kind of fellow! The red fuel truck is my object and the driver is there in the mirror ... Here's the Slogan, always use Brogan. I forgive you your slogan, Mr Brogan, because I rather like your truck. In a dream, a truck loaded with useful cargo implies positive contents of the psyche. But if you are stuck behind one or perhaps being pushed by one from behind, like the film, Duel, then that's another matter entirely.