Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leaves in Danger

The Pembroke Road provided me with colour today in the shape of a wagon collecting leaves. So I was pleased to see that the wagon was accompanied by a man with a brush who swept the leaves into piles and then shovelled them into the truck. Is this not the way to deal with leaves - rather than those who pretend to have a moped and deliver mayhem to our environment? What have they got against the leaves, I thought, that they must be chased around so much? Perhaps Shelley has the idea when he speaks of them as "pestilent multitudes". Shelley of course was witness to some major social upheavals and this surfaces in his poetry. Perhaps the multitudes can only be pushed around so much. In any case the autumn colours of Ballsbridge are very nice this year, I must say. The foliage of some of the trees is very nearly red.