Monday, November 16, 2009

On the Wall

I couldn't resist the pipe, near Dunne and Crescenzi on South Frederick Street. Most certainly it was the wadge of white paper wedged behind it, that did the trick. But there are many shades of green moss too, which increases the visual interest. And surely the orange shade of the bricks is most typically Dublin? Plumbing has an interesting history. Pipes first originated in urban settlements in the Indus valley in 2700BC and were further developed in the ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, Chinese and Indian civilisations. Between the Romans and the nineteenth century not much happened! By the looks of this pipe, nothing much happened after that either. I guess its not rocket science, as they say these days. But I can see an abbreviation on the pipe - 3RW. I know RWB is rain water basin, so could it be the obvious? Pipes are conduits, so if you dream of pipes you need to look closely at what they are for, where they are coming from and going to. What are they carrying, and what does that mean to you?