Monday, November 23, 2009

Picnic Sight

This a very spectacular scene on the Mull of Galloway. It's in a very small spot called Port Logan, where there is a small Inn with a good range of lunchtime food. Not the time of year for picnic tables though. I can imagine it in the sun - wouldn't it be pleasant? This is the Year of Homecoming for all Scots abroad and I was pleased to make my visit home (and get my certificate - very nice to have). So this was the Voyage Home and I travelled around, met friendly people, ate good food and had a pleasant trip, all in all. It's an old adage that it's better to travel hopefully than to arrive. In this case , it was true. The south of Scotland is often neglected by tourists in favour of the Highlands, but the Southern Uplands are very scenic. "There's a certain peace of mind/Bonnie lassies there ye'll find/Men so strong and men so kind/ Among the hills of the Borders". So sings Matt McGinn. Yes, that's it.