Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Red Dog Hello

The dog looks like it's saying "Hello!" Blackrock Shopping Centre is a place I return to regularly although some of it's charms have disappeared over the years. Not this one though. I appreciate the fact that children still like to go on these rides and it reminds me that we all need to play sometimes. I am also advised that Jarvis Cocker finds it easy to find the child within, it's the adult within that's the problem. So he says anyway. Here, the dog is playful and faithful, unlike the terrifying dogs of mythology. Cerberus was the many-headed dog on guard at the entrance to Hades. In one story Orpheus put Cerberus to sleep and Hercules managed to capture him without weapons. Dogs are very special to us so I propose to call this dog Cerby. Next time you're in Blackrock, pop in and say hello to Cerby.