Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too Early Snow

This view looks like snow on fields but I did use a filter which made the scene into black and white - it's almost a change to negative.. I rather liked the fence. Did you ever run a stick along a fence and make a terrible racket? Piaget tells us us that this is a search for regularity, which is a normal part of child development. The repetitive sound is is reassuring to the child. I think that what caught my attention was indeed the regularity of the fence. Of course when you look at it closely, it has some pieces missing and it's not as regular as I thought! Fences are boundaries, which can be looked at from both sides and this one appositely contains a children's playground. On the other side lies grazing pastures. The Isle of Bute has the advantage of the Gulf Stream, so snow is relatively uncommon, but just for fun I'm keeping my processed shot the way it is at present.