Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After Xmas Shopping

This shot is taken with the camera sitting on a bit of street furniture. Light was failing and this was the result of a too-low shutter speed and a small aperture. The Xmas lights looked nice but somehow the people looked nicer. The old black and white style of street photography has all but vanished with digital technology and mostly practitioners are stripping the colour from images to get monochrome. But does it retain the tonal quality in the process? I don't really think so. The attempts to recreate it are literally about retro-fitting the technology to salvage tone. The filters I use do something of this with some success. But a more successful photograph might be taken in Kodak Tri-X or Ilford XP2 to provide the range and then the negative could be scanned. To get good results at night there is a small window of opportunity, just about dusk. At that time, there is still enough light for the camera and enough dark to convey that night is here. Can we make use of small windows of opportunity? As with the light, we can very well wait - but it's better to seize opportunities immediately.