Thursday, December 31, 2009

& now for something completely different

I thought I'd end 2009 with this one from a park sign in Richmond. So it's the end of 2009 ... and now for something completely different? What caught my eye? The boot print I think - but who would kick a sign? It only said Pitch & Put. Maybe the boot owner was angry about golf things or something else in his life. Now traditionally, this is the time for New Year resolutions and we often try to give things up rather than resolve to do new things. Giving up - smoking, drinking, chocolate, unhealthy snacks or even kicking signs - is the order of the day. Sometimes things just seem so awful that we would like to kick something. The technique is used in psychotherapy of course. Some gestalt techniques, such as focused expressive psychotherapy, involve allocating a chair or cushion to represent the person causing the frustration. The client is then encouraged to direct feelings towards the object, allowing repressed feelings to emerge, giving them voice and action and allowing change to occur. The point is that we can acknowledge, recognise and transform feelings through such techniques in a more productive way than kicking a sign. Even if it's briefly satisfying. Now that's about shadow - which is another blog.