Saturday, December 12, 2009

Generation Gap

I was glad to catch this one because it was a surprise. I was focusing on the boy choosing a magazine when the elderly woman hove around the corner and into my field of view. I am always impressed by Italian news stands. First of all, there are many. And are they well stocked? I should say so. There are books, magazines, DVDs, calendars, supplements and part-works of all shapes and sizes. If you have an interest in something you are sure to find it here. What about the years that separate the woman and the child? Very often, this gap is more easily bridged than that between the child and parent. The grandparent, for example, is a little further away, sufficiently distanced to be able to mediate between parent and child when necessary. When the parent is unable to let go of the child archetype and won't allow a son or daughter to negotiate the adult world, the grandparent is well placed to comment about how the parent behaved at a younger age! But what of our two subjects? They hardly noticed each other and certainly they hardly noticed me, in going about their business. So let's fantasise. I think the boy was about to choose a rock star calendar and the old lady was on her way to the cafe round the corner - meeting another old lady for a coffee and a sticky bun.