Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lorry or Truck?

Not the sort of thing you see everyday in Elgin Road, Ballsbridge. It's the Mexican Embassy, and didn't appear to be anything more dramatic than a truck bringing tents for a fete arranged in the garden. A truck, you say? Wouldn't that be a lorry? Or since it's army would it be a wagon? Something I did not know was that truck comes from trochos or τροχός, Greek for wheel. It's likely that in the UK and Ireland we would say lorry rather than truck. In other countries it gets very complicated and translation will not do. In Germany, truck is a loanword and is likely to refer to a forklift vehicle. If you dream of a (truck or lorry), then it could refer to a heavy emotional load that has to be transported. As always, your associations are important. What would be your associations be to a vehicle such as the one in the photograph? If you are in or have been in the Army, that would have to be considered. But I can't help thinking of a stupid rhyme from my childhood. They're not lorries/ They are trucks/What is in them?/Cows and ducks. Could it be from the Second World War? Maybe someone could tell me?