Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reassuring Buckets

I came across these in Via Gregorio VII, just near the Vatican, The shops were closing and you couldn't miss the colourful buckets. I suppose that the containers had just been cleaned and put there to drain at the end of the working day. What they contained I do not know and I can't remember the shop, but I think it was a caffè or snack bar. I think I've said enough about containers and the like, but this did remind me of various Arabian folk tales like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, where there was much a to-do with oil jars. People hid in them, were drowned in them or even boiled in them. These would of course have been 2 metres high whereas these largish containers are less than one metre in height. So what's under these containers? I doubt if they are hiding anything. Rather, they were a comforting sight on a winter's night - a sign of rhythmic activity and of the day coming to an end. The pavement or sidewalk is a site for reassuring activities, a sign of habitation and of the city. The city is the Mother and so of course are containers such as these. Perhaps that's why the sight is reassuring.