Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rejected Window

Just around the corner, a new building nestles amongst the older ones. As decoration, windows like these were installed with little thought for the urban surroundings. I always think this kind of decorative feature belongs to the seaside where almost anything goes and doesn't look too out of place. I had a look from this angle that you see and somehow the window had something to recommend it - so I used a filter that picked up the browns in the stained glass. Maybe I was looking for something to salvage in an object that is far from pretty, but is something with which you have to co-exist. Jung was very emphatic about the stone that the builders rejected. The stone would eventually be found to be the most useful and have to be incorporated into an important part of the building. So perhaps the things we reject about ourselves are the very parts of ourselves that we need to develop and reintegrate. We cannot throw away the "bad" parts of ourselves. We need to acknowledge, rework and reintegrate them. In the practical world of Ballsbridge space though, I have to live with the window. But I found I managed to make something of it. I just took a different point of view, saw something from a different angle.