Wednesday, December 9, 2009

St Peter's Balloon

It was an accident that I caught the Pope's Sunday blessing. I strolled to St Peter's Square to see the tall Christmas Tree that was delivered only few days before. Coincidentally I also saw the long truck that delivered it, making its way up Via Gregorio VII. But even with the 200mm lens, Il Papa was still very far away (as you can see). So I focused on one of the balloons that was released by a visitor keen on the family - you can make out the organisation if you turn the picture upside down. It would have been nice to have the image of the balloon set against the hemisphere of St Peter's because technically they are both globes and hence share the symbolism of the circle. In practice, however, the sphere of this balloon is far from the perfection of the sphere - perfect because the distance from the centre to anywhere on the circumference is always the same. The Pope is a father symbol and in the Tarot, he is represented as the Man of Knowledge. As far as the symbolic world is concerned, he is said to be the intercessor between God and the Universe. The Pope is always set in a high position. From there he commands all his disciples to pass on knowledge to all corners of the earth.