Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tree Facade

This is the corner of Waterloo and Pembroke Road. There was something about the skeleton trees that looked interesting against the modernist lines of the building. The fairly ordinary office block which housed Yellow Pages has, since my time in the neighbourhood, had a new facade. It managed to survive the building boom, which entailed pulling some of its (newer) neighbours down. As I am fond of saying, it's not the worst, but I wonder how long it will remain since many plans are outstanding for close-by Baggot Street. I like trees in the winter because you can see the gnarled trunks and branches devoid of vegetation. Although the literature (especially Jungian) privileges the hermaphroditic quality of trees, the trunk rising from the ground is clearly in the realm of the phallus and hence the father. So despite their large root structure, trees always take the upward path. Trees in tales of mystery and imagination seldom have leaves, unless rustling is required of course! Generally bare, they are vested with a sinister appearance. In these times where the ecological balance seems threatened. I acknowledge that it takes only a few minutes with a power saw to cut down a tree that took a hundred years or more to grow. Where we seem to be tipping the balance of climate change through wholesale plundering of the earth, I am reminded that the Hanging Tree is another name for the gallows. I hope that we are not building our own, through economic recklessness.