Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ballsbridge Crossing

I chanced the shot through the window of Milano Restaurant I gave the picture some atmosphere that hid up most of the window reflection but you can still see it there. I will leave it there because it gives me the chance to explain to you that, in the photo trade, this is called a "glass shot". If agents want an aerial shot, they may specify "no glass shots". This means nothing taken through the glass of an aeroplane cockpit - or worse, a cabin porthole - is permitted. Normally, this is one busy crossroads but a long cold spell has resulted in less traffic. The recession has maybe contributed to the failure of the old kebab shop to reopen. Once it was Abrakebabra and then it was a middle eastern fast food outlet with reasonable falafel. Then it closed. The city changes continuously and as I said in a recent blog, you can see that raw space, which suggests that things are a little uncertain. Tin Tin survives though and was here when I first came to live in the neighbourhood, many years ago.