Friday, January 1, 2010

By the Hedge

New Year's Day was quiet in the neighbourhood and I trolled around in search of an interesting image. I captured a few but it was on my arrival home that I noticed my neighbours' bikes. They made such a pretty assembly there by the hedge, that I took a few shots. It's always necessary to carefully watch the exposure where there is snow. No automatic setting can capture snow properly! The bike is a symbol that is fairly enduring despite its short history as a means of transport. The cyclist gets around under his or her own power. So if you dream of being on a bike, the rules of dream analysis apply - how did it feel? Were you in full control of the pedals and of your balance? Where were you riding and in which direction? And finally what do bikes mean to you? How independent do you feel? Psychoanalysts believe that bicycles can point to an ego centrism on the part of the dreamer, so is there anything in your life that is suggests an over-individualistic outlook? In the New Year we make resolutions, so I suggest that everyone interested in dreams keep a dream notebook by the bed. Write things down immediately so that you have something close to the original. You will think of many associations later, all valid and worthwhile material.