Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Capture and Holding

Just some of the debris left by the melted snow. This would have landed on the pavement here anyway but it appears to assemble in a different manner when it's been under coatings of ice. The debris was captured. The term applies to TV programmes or other forms of media where the audience is captured by a programme. Sometimes - after it finishes you find yourself inadvertently watching something else entirely when it was not your intention. It's something advertisers know all about. Just for a little while you're held captive. So I like to think of this kind of shot as a "capture shot". It could be the pavement or the beach or anywhere following extreme weather where things are rearranged for a short while. The snow captured these fragments and held them for a while. Holding is a term used in psychotherapy to describe a situation where a client needs time to work something out. The psychotherapist provides a holding environment where the client can feel safe. Perhaps no more than that happens and it may be enough. It's not about curing or fixing. Rather it concerns empathy, sympathy and understanding whilst respecting the autonomy and capacity of the client to progress in his or her chosen path. This helps the client to capture fragments of the self and hold them together.