Friday, January 15, 2010

House Robin

The robin is here for no other reason that it flew into the house one morning and resisted going away, despite the presence of the cat. It did what birds do. It perched in the plants and seemed content. It could have been because the temperature was well below zero and robins do not do well in the cold. I have written about birds a few times, but symbolism varies between cultures. They are said to to be omens and this may come from seafaring tradition. This is very much a bird of the garden. They are well known for taking up residence in gardeners' sheds and mayybe this why they are said to symbolise compassion and fertility. A popular poll voted the robin the UK's most popular bird and it was the symbol of a bird protection society. Despite being insectivorous, they have a predilection for any household scraps - in other words, they're not that fussy especially in the snow. The robin departed safely after 24 hours but up until then, no effort could make it budge. It was back on the window ledge the following morning! The photo is taken at the limits of what I can do inside the house and I have sharpened it - just a little.