Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am Curious, Orange

Of the many things distributed on pavements, fruit peel seems the most vivid. Rather orange peel than banana skin of course! Down on the ground, this is more the point of view of a small animal and therefore potential food. Having spotted the remains of the orange, I set the camera for a limited depth of field, put the camera on the pavement and pressed the shutter. I was pleased with the result because the texture of the orange peel came out well. Now a previous blog identified orange as representing fertility, because of the pips - like any fruit with seeds, it's associated with fecundity. But the orange colour, which is somewhere between yellow and red, is also somewhere between the spirit and the libido. It can be the symbol of the divine like the Buddhist's robes, or of the flammeum - the robes of Roman brides. It can be either the divine or the profane so I guess at pavement level it is more of the profane. My feeling is that it signifies a brevity of time for soon this will disappear. And this fragment of space is fetishised abstraction, created by a lens that's sitting on the ground - and me of course. No room for the eater of the orange, no space for the street cleaner or the fox who will remove it. So is the lens cruel or compassionate? Tender or tough? And where am I, the photographer, in this conundrum?