Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kids from the 'hood

This is a guest photograph from my brother in law, Bruno. As a doctor, he is voluntarily spending some time administering a hospital in Karamoja in the Ugandan countryside for Doctors In Africa. The organisation CUAMM is a project of technical assistance in the district of Nakapiripirit, which seeks to expand and supervise basic services. This includes the provision of a technical assistant to the Nakapiripirit district health office in Karamoja. Finally, the objective of this project is to support the planning and management of health care activities in the district. So here are some of the young people from the locality. I think they look great and perhaps they dressed up specially for the occasion, as is the way with youngsters. The young man in the centre has placed himself in charge there, I can see. If you look closely at the group, there is a lot going on. I've put a link in to the organisation, which is doing excellent work in providing services and development.