Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not a Nest

Today there was a beautiful blue sky that replaced the grey gloom of yesterday. I looked up and there were small clusters of branches and twigs, interesting enough to take the eye. I thought at first they were nests but they were in entirely the wrong place for birds to build. In symbolism, these lower branches are of the earth and we can reach up and touch them. The tree connects all the levels - Heaven with the upper branches reaching up, Earth as illustrated and the Underworld, because of the roots burrowing down. This cosmological view is reflected in most religions. Sometimes, the tree is regarded as a larger than life entity and is regarded with awe and respect. In Siberia, some old tribes believed that a man could turn himself into a tree and back again at will. They can look threatening enough for that. But often the tree is inverted with the roots in the sky and the branches burrowing into the earth - especially where the sky and the light is recognised as life giving. Photo-genesis is recognised by ancient cultures in a way that is scientific enough.