Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Beetle

I spotted this old Volkswagen Beetle today. It had wide wheels but was one of the original designs which had not changed fundamentally since its introduction in 1938. It was nicknamed the beetle but it was only in 1967 that Volkswagen adopted the name for marketing - rather than Type 1. Personally, I like Kabuto-mushi or drone beetle, as it was known in Japan. The drone or rhinoceros beetle is very popular and the subject of many cartoon series. So in Japa it's a term of endearment. Jung writes that the beetle constitutes a symbol of rebirth, citing the Egyptian book, What is in the Netherworld. This says that the dead sun god would change into Khepri the scarab then mount a barge which would carry him in rejuvenated form into the morning sky. Khepri isn't very far away from Käfer, German for beetle, is it?