Monday, January 11, 2010

Reflection of the Light

Aurore, the Goddess of the dawn sponsored this photograph, notwithstanding my joke in the title. When I was a child, there was a factory nearby called Aurora, that that made light bulbs, filaments and flares. The company is still going strong I'm pleased to say, but not in the same spot. In mythology though, the Greek original, Aurore was Eos. She asked Zeus to give her husband immortality and he did grant this request. But she forgot to ask for it for herself and so her husband remained youthful whilst she aged, with the consequences you might imagine. Her brother was Helios and every morning she announced the beginning of day and travelled with Helios in his chariot across the heavens. This placed them both in the fortunate position of seeing everything that was going on and Helios would report back when it suited him. I am also attached to Helios, because it was the name of a famous lens made for Russian cameras. I had one of the latter in my youth -a Zenith - and I must say that Helios was rather a better lens than was the camera. There was nothing wrong with the Zenith photographically. It would have been fine except there was always small things wrong with it - like the catch on the back. I took some rather good photographs with it until the back demised irretrievably. So " Reflection of the Light" is my photography new year greeting to all Keepers of the Light.