Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Shadow

I have been saying for some time, that this or that refers to the shadow. What is the shadow psychoanalytically? There are two meanings. One is the entirety of the unconscious - which makes sense intuitively - contents of which we are unaware. The other is the unconscious part of the self which is specifically unrecognised by the individual - attitudes that the individual does not recognise about him or herself, but which are palpably the case (often to others). So if you saw this image in a dream it would likely represent something about oneself, which is recognised only in others. It's another case of projection. If a person has very low self-esteem and the shadow can be recognised - then its assimilation will result in an increase in energy. Literally, energy or libido is moving elsewhere. The energy can be put the service of the individual if the shadow is consciously known and integrated. This shadow fell across my lens and was the shadow of another, but I felt a moment of irritation despite the fact that the individual concerned had done nothing other than put themselves in the range of my lens. Was that my shadow or hers?