Friday, January 1, 2010

That was the Year, that was.

I chose this image as a kind of New Year image. Looking back on the year and anticipating the new. This light has, like the old year, seen its day. Now we look forward. But if the light is the old year, it looks a tarnished, a little the worse for wear. Economically, things haven't been bright. It even looks like things are worse than poor. Institutions we expected to last, haven't performed well - and more than that they appear to be broken. We are reaching for the Superglue, but probably it won't hold. A radical overhaul is well overdue. In the old, satirical TV show (I guess it wouldn't be allowed now), the theme song went, That was the week that was/It's over. Let it go. We all need to reassess ourselves from time to time - look back then look forward. Let go of the old parts and bring in the new. If people didn't think they could change, they would not undergo an experience like psychotherapy. It's more than Superglue, it's a reworking. Of course, it is first necessary to acknowledge that there are areas in our lives that need to be changed. The old must go but the new must be fashioned from those parts of ourselves that are there in potential. This also goes for collective structures. Sometimes we are forced to acknowledge that the old way of running things is no longer viable. Something different must be forged from the old material. Like the light in the image, it's long past its sell by date.