Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canal Capers

This photograph look OK in colour, with many yellows. But I tried it in a sepia monochrome and preferred the result. The banks of the Grand Canal have seen many changes here. This is just north of the Milano restaurant and the photo is taken from where Baggot Street crosses the canal where Mespil Road and Haddington Road meet. Dredging out the canal is quite a symbolic task is it not? Ensuring the flow of the waters through this channel ensures that vessels can successfully navigate their way to the Liffey. The Grand Canal in China is one of the first navigation canals and is still the longest, connecting many provinces. Its namesake in Dublin, hosts little traffic these days, but is nonetheless fascinating, possibly due to what Bachelard would describe as a kind of melancholy. The water is hardly deep, as the picture indicates. You might hesitate to take even a sip of this water, but as Bachelard (following Edgar Allen Poe), says, it would be good fun to stir it with a wooden spoon. It's "heavy". At one time, the heavy canal water crossed the land like veins, carrying raw materials. Now you can sense its despair.