Thursday, February 4, 2010

Found Abstraction

I was looking around for something I had never noticed. And here it was. You could call it abstraction in the realm of the real if you were psychoanalyst, Jacques-Marie-Émile Lacan. It's abstract because of the framing - but frankly it was white-on-white with a bit of decay that was the unintentionally abstract construct of the builders. Thee are three realms in Lacan's construct - the symbolic, the imaginary and the real. The psychoanalyst works with a client (the analysand) to deconstruct these levels, which may have become independent from one another. A bit like being unconsciously controlled by an archetype or a complex, being driven by the imaginary or the symbolic can have consequences for a person's life. I flatter myself that this image is a monochrome Mondrian. It has been abstracted and so the image has been somewhat deprived of visual references. It's real enough however - and something does flow through these pipes. If you had a dream about such an image, you would need to think of your associations to white, wall, bricks and pipes. Does the picture remind you of anything? And of course, it's always wise to give a thought to the body's internal waterworks. Contemporary references may spring to mind too. Does anyone remember the the Average White Band?