Monday, February 22, 2010

Menus and Woman

Searsons is an institution in Baggot Street - one of two pubs on this side of the road, where many office workers linger at lunchtime for a bite to eat and a pint. There is no symbolism of food per se, it all reverts to different kinds of food. The menu advertises the carvery so we must be dealing with meat, vegetables and possibly bread. Even then, symbolism refers to the specific kinds of meat, which in Ireland would most likely be beef, pork or chicken. And we're not finished - the symbolism again reverts to the qualities of the animal itself, so we would have to consider cow, pig or ... fowl of various sorts. The cow is regarded as a Mother Earth symbol and so trumps the poor old pig which symbolises gluttony and greed. And of course, readers of this blog will know that birds don't get a good press, certainly not in Celtic mythology. I was pondering this as I stood for a while, kind of fascinated by the menu boards. When this particular woman passed, wearing some splendid winter colours, I happily snapped and so got the photograph I wanted for the blog. Then I headed for home for a sandwich!