Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marina's Red Ribbon

The cherry tree is often used as a memorial. Indeed, the red ribbon with the bell would not be out of place in Japan, where the cherry tree is venerated. For the Samurai. cherry was the symbol of the warrior's calling, and cherries decorated their swords. Cherry blossom was the symbol of the warrior code, bushido. The tied ribbon is quite special too. It symbolises flowering and hence immortality, perfection and also heroic deeds. Ribbons were thrown to victors in medieval jousts. The medal ribbon of course, denotes a distinguished career. Medal ribbons display triumph but also indicate that the hero did not escape potential danger. The colour is important. Red is worn in Japan almost exclusively by women and it symbolises true heartedness. Red is also the colour of flags, badges and posters. It is the colour of the fire that burns within a person, an individual. In psychoanalysis, red is the colour of the soul. It denotes the libido and is of the heart. The tractor is a means of tilling the soil and symbolises fertility in the general sense - of the sowing of seeds, growth and development. And the tractor too is red. A tree is a good memorial for a loved one. It continues to grow and delight us through the seasons, so that we can remember in a most positive way a dear, departed friend.