Monday, February 1, 2010

Wee Flower

I had the long lens attached and the flower looked nice. It's a depth of field job which really fuzzed up the background. Flora was an Italian Goddess who roughly approximates to Ceres and the rather more fearsome Demeter. Her temple was on the Circus Maximus in Rome and her festival Floralia was celebrated annually from April to May. That's a good long festival and perhaps it would be nice to reintroduce it. Additionally Flores was venerated at very exuberant, unrestrained folk festival at the beginning of May. Our own May Day seems to have lost its connotations of fertility and rebirth still associated with Celtic Beltane, yet there is little Celtic symbolism associated with flowers. Some Celtic female figures had flower in their name though - the Welsh Blodeuwedd and Ireland's Blathnat for example. Blodeuwedd was created magically from a single mass of flowers to be the bride of Llew, whom she promptly betrayed. Hence an association of flowers with fickleness, an expression of evolution and the fleeting nature of beauty.