Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's the Secret Code?

The Code of Codes? That's what you need to get in the door. There's very little that's new about doors and locks and entrance codes. Nowadays in the city we feel we need a defended space and the means of defence is technology. The need for locks and alarms finds satisfaction in the object. But its only a matter of a small amount of time. Soon, this pleasure disintegrates, because the need moves into desire and is satisfied only through a kind of repetition. I need to be more secure. How can I make myself more secure? It gets more urgent until saturated. Desire says Henri Lefebvre, is a part of the energies available to us as humans. This is like Jung's notion of libido, which should move outward into the world. I wondered if this technological security in the photograph signified retreat and a sublimation of available energies. This keeps our desires from discharging in an explosive way. Were it not for our desire for security would we not explode into the world in a variety of creative energies? Instead, we worry about others exploding into our private space, stealing our technological objects no doubt. Perhaps if we worried a little less about objects, our desires would explode creatively in the wider space.