Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Backyard Industrial Shed

I was a little early for a visit to my GP so I decided to walk around instead of using the waiting room. Around the back near Kiely's Pub I spotted this shed - and had a rather industrial chimney amidst a number of intersecting angles. I was delighted, because as readers of this blog know, I admire a good chimney. The sky was indeed this colour blue and it saturated everything. I didn't even try to Photoshop it. It wasn't worth it! The spaces at the rear of parades of small shops are often interesting. A number of sheds often huddle between the rear of the shops and residential units, defying tidiness. This one set off my memories of film and cameras, when if you wanted to edit Super 8 movie film, there was little that could be purchased to help you. One man however - and I forget his name - ran a small business from a shed such as this. He made all sorts of gadgets that would help you synchronise vision and sound and even construct a dissolve (or "mix") using a bottle of developer and critical timing!. I wonder if such businesses exist in these days of more stringent planning. Industrial spaces like this blur the concepts of function, structure and form. We would be the poorer if they were removed for the sake of the visual. Architecture these days likes to conceal such things and in so doing lacks transparency. So here is the object - the industrial shed.