Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Day in Blackrock?

It wasn't such a bad day in Blackrock. It's just that the old abandoned swimming pool, now covered with graffiti, is one of these public facilities that seemed to resist development or renewal. It sat out the economic boom, getting shabbier as time passed. Something reminded me of the classic film, a modern western called "Bad day at Blackrock" that starred the great actor Spencer Tracy. Maybe it's the laconic manner of the young man on the left, as he ignores the passage of the couple making their way along the side of the railway line. Somehow it made me think of Tracy's John J. Mccreedy saying to his adversary, "You're not only wrong. You're wrong at the top of your voice." Sometimes memories just trigger and then we want to dig into the archives and explore a book or film from the past. Often clients bring such material to psychotherapy. Describing a book or film can present an opportunity to explore unconscious material that may be surfacing. Pictures like the one above can also stimulate dream-like material. Making up stories about a single image can produce dream-like material to analyse. So what is happening in the image? Who are the people? Where are they going? What happens next?