Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Basil the King

I took many photographs of the herbs from Tesco, before I was satisfied and then chose this one. Basil is one of the herbs and tastes a little like anise. In my view it is the God of Herbs and indeed herbs are sacred because they were first discovered by the Gods. This is where herbs obtained their curative properties, thought the ancients. Herbs are very much associated with fertility and are said to ease the pain of childbirth. They increase procreative powers and so wealth and indeed fecundity is assured. I don't know if Tesco basil will assure these things but it is rather nice for a forced herb sold from the counter. It is also said to counteract bad smells and also evil spirits - so it must be good to have around the house! Now basil is said to have derived from βασιλεύς or basileus meaning "king". It is believed to have grown where St Constantine and Helen discovered the Holy Cross and in Christian symbolism, the herb is sacred because it was found growing at Calvary. So it is the King of Herbs and is rightly regarded by many cooks as Royal. It is not hard to grow and I recommend that in March you plant your seeds. The seeds are a little prone to damage so careful with the water and the heat. When the seedlings have come on a little bit, put them in the window ledge in a sunny spot. You will not be disappointed with this celestial archetype!