Sunday, March 14, 2010


The funfair at Bray precedes the St Patrick's Day celebrations and offered the chance for a few pictures. I liked this one because the configuration looked nice and it wasn't a difficult shot to take - simplicity is often best. People certainly looked like they were having fun after the longish cold spell and Spring came rather late for Ireland this year. The circle and the wheel loom large in symbolism and also at the funfair where everything is pretty much in a circle where we all arrive back where we started, perhaps somewhat dazed and confused. We get some excitement from what appears as dangerous, but within boundaries it's perfectly safe. The term fairground comes from the Latin feria, meaning holiday and when I was a child the Fair was a two week summer break, when factories, offices and many shops closed for the duration. This has largely disappeared, since it is no longer economical for companies to shut down completely. St Patrick's Day too has changed into a week's festival, but I wonder how many people preferred that single day when rules slackened and bacchanal prevailed. In the middle ages, the day followed the Lent period so the drinking of ale celebrated the end of fasting. A week just doesn't seem quite the same.