Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burned Stack

I saw this and thought that perhaps I had a shot like this already. But that chimney was new and shiny and this one has suffered from the heat and the rain. I saturated the picture a little because I wanted to reveal the burned metal at the top. Many moons ago, as a shipyard apprentice, I had to temper tools in an open forge. It was rather exciting to watch the metal change colour and this reminded me of these early days when I wore a blue boiler suit with a blue AEF union card in the breast pocket! I will refrain from mentioning the date, but I will say that we were rather organised. We had to buy two boiler suits and after a week, the first would be quite shiny with oil and grease. It would be delivered to the dry cleaners and the second clean one would come out for the next week. The cleaners specialised in boiler suits and I think that was all they did. At one time a factory would be identified by the chimney and the corrugated roof with a chimney stack became the iconic image of industry. In current times, it's almost as if factories didn't exist. The factories and the workers inside are a bit hidden from popular culture. Where is Norma Rae?