Saturday, March 20, 2010

Double Protection

Garlic and chili peppers offer a double whammy to serpents, vampires and all manner of Satanic pests. There are no prizes though for guessing at the symbolic values of these fabulous ingredients. Chili is hard for the tongue to handle and garlic so smelly that it won't do your PR much good. These Calabrian good luck charms are so positioned to keep away the evil influences. Chilies are a great Calabrian favourite and in this part of the world where Greek, Spanish and even Asian influences meet, it is no surprise that they are part of the culture. However, garlic is a moveable feast and if you are reading a cookery book written in northern Europe, regard so-called Calabrian recipes with some suspicion. Any mention of Vespas should alert you to shadow projections! In ancient Greece, women chewed garlic at festivals due to the sexual abstinence required during festival time. So beware. In ancient Rome, those who had chewed garlic were not allowed in temples and that does continue in Islam to the present day. When Satan left the Garden of Eden, garlic sprung up from one of his footsteps. The garlic here always delights me. I am unduly fond of my Calabrese portafortune. They continue to protect!