Monday, March 15, 2010

Merrily We Roll Along

This Merry-go-Round was doing good trade at Bray seafront. Amidst all the technological marvels, it's pleasing to see it still around. The horses are painted in such a vibrant way that they present he most pleasing sight in all the fairground. I chose a filter that would make the image look like a 1960s postcard from the seaside and it did give it an old look. A fairground is pleasing because it is an old form that continues to function in towns that no longer make their own "real" space. Nowadays, space is an abstract world of commodities. But the fairground confronts the world of banks, building societies, rent, loans and mortgages that dominate every city and town. The latter is an illusory and abstract space represented by a television and electronic media industry that daily suffuses our lives. Yet the fairground's temporary space of enjoyment fills this normally empty green promenade with shrill cries of excitement, and constitutes a formation of pleasure that refuses to go away.