Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's left of the Signs

This is what's left of the sign outside the old sign maker's shop, which used to be in Pembroke Lane. I don't know whether the proprietors moved or closed. All I do know is that in the high winds of last year, the rather nice sign blew loose from its chains and disappeared. Perhaps it was a sign of the times? It looked a bit like an inn sign and the stone building could therefore be mistaken for a small pub, a disappointment to some passers by on their way from Baggot Street to the Pembroke Road. All that's left now are the chains - and chains are very big in symbolism, since they link or tie one thing to another. Now there is a very fine Irish reference for describing chains in a symbolic way. The Irish God, Ogma had a chain stretching from his tongue to the ears of his listeners. In this chain of communication, the listeners were tied, spellbound by his eloquence. In contradistinction to the chains of slavery, psychoanalysts sometimes describe chains as adaptive ties to the collective - indispensable bonds without which we cannot relate socially. The chains in the picture seem a little sad without the load they once bore. Does that tell us anything about the psyche do you think?