Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Colour Red

I spotted the red on the balconies of this hotel in the Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge. Then I deliberately took the shot from the front. I knew that the buildings would look as if they were falling backward but I wanted to try the Photoshop 8 filter for distortion. You have to shoot wide because you will lose some of your shot and there will be further distortion at the edges. So a good idea about the middle is for the best! Then you can drag the building in the image, straight! Merleau Ponty is the man to talk to us about perception and the colour red - and we have visited him and his colours before. Forgive me if you see red! Perception is not what psychologists believe - that is what we "ought" to see, according to the retina. If we look freely at what is in front of us, the building slopes back but our consciousness corrects it for us. The building in the photo originally sloped back because that is what it looks like. Our conscious mind corrects it - we don't see double because we have two eyes, do we? Red attracts our attention because of all our preconceptions about red and what they means. Red does not step into our world value free - it comes pre-loaded. Yet together with all that other stuff, that's what "red" is.