Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flower in the Wrong Place

The weed is a flower in the wrong place, say gardeners. It's true of course that in the "country", plants grow spontaneously and occupy a certain space. But in the city, space and indeed its occupants (ourselves), are controlled. We are more or less subservient to the masters of space - government agencies, developers and the like. The weed offers a counter-culture by appearing at will to confront the organised. It has for the moment escaped the control of the established order. If only the weed knew that this is illusory - there is no escape. We either confront, roll over in compliance - or adapt. Psychoanalysts are always talking about adaptation. A failure to adapt is one of the key concepts of disorder in the DSM - the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Adaptation doesn't mean compliance, merely a capacity to live with others. The counter-cultural dandelion is claiming its space and presently lives happily on the wall in Raglan Road. Its unconscious existence is illusory but for the time being at least it survives, gradually cracking apart the coping stones on top of the wall. It has adapted to the space.