Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dreich Day in Baggot Street

I was mentioning the word dreich in the last blog and must tell you that there is no translation. It is used to describe a variety of things - normally, but not exclusively, the weather. A person, building, neighbourhood, clothes, demeanour - many things can be dreich. In the composition of the shot, taken in Baggot Street on a Saturday, it appears that our two subjects feel that the day is a dreich one. The fellow in charge of the advertising rig is probably waiting on the crowd for the rugby match - the crowd that failed to transpire to have its usual pre-match drink at the Waterloo. The waiter looks as if he is on his way to the Waterloo. He will have to acknowledge his feeling of dreichness when the first customer approaches only to suspend it and give it an appointment for later. On a day such as this I find it useful to counteract gloomy feelings by deliberately looking for interesting compositions in the street. It is not entirely confined to photography. Have a look around and see what you can see. I see these two people and I notice that one is looking at the other. But is he? Is he looking beyond the advertising rig to something happening on the street? Keep your eyes level with the street and notice all that's happening. Let your eyes drift left and right. Register everything and save it for later. You may find so many interesting things that the day doesn't seem dreich any longer.